How much do you know about the terminology of connectors

1. Connector: Generally installed on the cable or machine equipment, the detachable component (other than the adapter) for the electrical connection of the transmission line system software.

2. RF connectors: connectors to be used within the RF range.

3. Video: Radio waves with a frequency range in the middle of 3HZ∽30MHZ.

4. Radio frequency: radio waves with a frequency range in the middle of 3000HZ∽3000GHZ.

5. High frequency: radio waves with a frequency range in the middle of 3MHZ∽30MHZ.

6. Coaxial: The inner electric conductor has a material support point, and the structure can obtain the minimum internal reflection coefficient within the frequency range selected in the precise measurement.

7. Triaxial: A transmission line consisting of three layers of electrical conductors in the same boat with a common center line and insulating layers from each other.

8. Level: The level of the connector at the level of accuracy of mechanical equipment and electrical equipment, especially at the level of required reflection coefficient.

9. Universal connector (Class 2): A connection that is manufactured with the widest allowable dimensional deviation (dimensional tolerance), but still ensures the minimum required characteristics and inter-matching device.

10. High-performance connector (class 1): a connector that requires a specified value of reflection coefficient according to frequency transition, and the standard tolerance generally required is not as strict as the corresponding class 2 connector , However, when it is necessary to ensure that the connector meets the needs of the reflection coefficient, the manufacturer is obliged to select a tighter dimensional tolerance.

11. Standardized experimental connector (grade 0): a main type of precision mechanically manufactured connector used for accurate measurement of reflection coefficients of grade 1 and 2 connectors, which will affect the measurement results. deviation can be ignored.

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